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pLAy B-A-L-L

Pay a virtual visit to Cuba with photographer Jo Ann Tomaselli!

Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Visual & Verbal Reflections

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‘Baseball Practice’ Image Art & Fine Art Photography by Jo Ann Tomaselli

I like to think that this little guy is one of the next famous major league baseball players. Things are changing so fast in Cuba that it’s not unlikely by the time he grows up the embargo will have ended and he’ll have the opportunity to travel freely between the US & Cuba.

On my recent trip to Havana, the bus I was on had by-passed the historical district where I wanted to go, so I had the driver pull over and let me off; he told me I could catch a cab.

My Spanish, while good enough to order a beer and ask for the bathroom, is not really up to par even after years of high school and adult education classes. But I figured I could get by and, just like in any big city…

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A Permanent Rest – The Mystery Of The Point Reyes Boat

The Point Reyes abandoned boat

Priya Ghose Photography

The Point Reyes is an abandoned fishing boat in Inverness, Marin County, California, (in Tomales Bay, north of San Francisco). It is located near Point Reyes National Seashore, and is a popular photographic subject. I was curious to learn the history behind this boat, but Internet searches uncovered surprisingly little information about it…

Photograph of the Point Reyes Boat

I wrote something similar to the text above, and posted it along with this photograph on my Tumblr blog some time ago. I was surprised and delighted to receive the following response to my post:

Luckily for you, I work at a local history museum in Marin County and ran into an Inverness historian who was doing some research in our archives. I asked him about the boat and this is what he told me:

The previous owner of the garage behind which the boat is grounded originally bought the boat and towed it to the sand…

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Sea Glass Treasures At Glass Beach

Sea Glass on the Mendocino Coast

Priya Ghose Photography

Sea Glass Treasures At Glass Beach

Sea glass and pebbles, wet from the Pacific Ocean, adorn Glass Beach at Mackerricher State Park near Fort Bragg, California.

Sea glass has always fascinated me; once jagged pieces of trash carelessly discarded, the ocean has transformed these sharp shards into smooth and colorful “stones” which wash up along the beach. This is a case of nature truly turning trash into treasure.

Glass Beach is actually a series of several beach coves and is a former dump, hence the abundance of glass. It is amazing to behold shimmery beaches thick with colored glass “pebbles,” but sadly this unique resource has been greatly diminished due to its status as Mendocino County’s most popular tourist attraction. While Glass Beach is part of Mackerricher State Park and therefore glass collecting is technically illegal (and there are signs everywhere stating as much), this law is ignored, and people collect huge bags of sea glass…

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A beautiful image!

Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Visual & Verbal Reflections


Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.”  Paramahansa Yogananda

CHILDREN OF LAOS Image Art & Fine Art Photography by Jo Ann Tomaselli

This image was taken in a small village in Laos.

Poverty was evident in this childs’ filthy clothing and unwashed face but her eyes… her eyes glittered with shyness, trust & curiosity.

Fueled by a brilliance from the depths of her tiny soul, she was the light of my world the moment we met.

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Children of Laos with beautiful eyes for-sale online

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Dawn At Pacific Beach In San Diego

Dawn down at the pier in San Diego…

Priya Ghose Photography

Dawn At Pacific Beach In San Diego

Dawn colors the soft turquoise waves flowing up onto Pacific Beach in San Diego, California, and lights up the edge of Crystal Pier.

We spent the end of 2013 traveling down the scenic California coast, eventually ending our journey south in San Diego. I hadn’t been there since childhood, and we spent a lot of time simply orienting ourselves and visiting popular tourist destinations (including several trips to the beautiful and amazing Balboa Park). We ended up staying at a somewhat iffy hotel just steps from Pacific Beach. What the hotel lacked in quality, it certainly made up for in location. While the drunken partying of our neighbors kept us up long into the night, we were able to peek outside at the beach bright and early each morning, judging when to grab our gear and head down onto the sand.

The weather was cool and Pacific Beach was mostly…

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The Point Reyes Lighthouse – The Descent to Light

The Point Reyes Lighthouse…

Priya Ghose Photography

The Point Reyes Lighthouse - The Descent to Light

The Descent to Light is an image of the impressive view from the top of the 300 step staircase which leads down to the Point Reyes Lighthouse.

The Point Reyes Lighthouse, or Point Reyes Light Station is located in Point Reyes, California, and operated from 1870 through 1975. This historic landmark is now preserved as a visitor center, and many visitors brave the extremely high winds and frequent fog to learn more about this part of California history. The Point Reyes area is an incredibly beautiful part of California, with its rugged cliffs, scenic vistas, beautiful beaches, and the chance for amazing encounters with wildlife such as the tule elk. The Point Reyes Lighthouse is a must see, if you’re visiting the area.

Given my previously mentioned cold wimpiness, I was glad we visited the lighthouse on a sunny day; I could at least have the illusion of warmth…

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Ghost Boats

Priya Ghose Photography

Ghost Boats

Ghost Boats In Morro Bay – A dreamy, foggy, early morning capture at Morro Bay Harbor on our recent trip down the coast…

Have you ever experienced the coastal fog roll in after days of blisteringly hot weather? Have you ever opened your eyes and found your surroundings shrouded in white, damp, mystery? Have you ever felt the dampness of sea fog against your skin as you inhale the salted ocean air?

California had an early heat wave, getting into the mid 90’s inland in early May. We escaped to the coast, and were surprised that even Big Sur was hot, as we headed down the wild and scenic Pacific Coast Highway (California State Route 1). The fog came in on our second morning in Morro Bay, blanketing the quiet harbor and turning it into a mysterious place, with ghost-like boats bobbing gently in the distance, just barely visible through…

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