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The Goose Chase

Childhood memories, like chasing a goose…

Priya Ghose Photography

Ah, the simple pleasures of childhood. A young boy chases a large white goose at the park, their steps in synch as they run down to the lake…

Photograph of Boy Chasing A Goose

I discovered that I love photographing people quite by accident. I brought a new lens to test at a local park which has the trail-head for one of my favorite walking paths, and after my walk I took out my camera and looked for something to shoot. People, geese, ducks, dogs, and egrets were everywhere. I’d already established that I enjoy photographing animals, so I was drawn to the people.

Kids of all ages crawled, toddled, and ran, and families played games on the grass. The usual group of old men occupied the picnic tables as they did every afternoon, intent on their mysterious (to me) board game. Women in spandex power-walked past me, arms vigorously swinging and propelling them forward. A…

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