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Angel + Demon x 2


Up for Discussion – Macro: Close and Intimate

Macro photography is one of my passions…a great post with some delightful images!


For this weeks Up for Discussion I have asked Victor Rakmil to do a post on Macro photography.  Victor does a lot of macro and is quite knowledgeable on how to do this, with and without a macro lens.  I have been known to email him for help when I have been stumped.  So I hope you enjoy Victor’s post on Macro: Close and Intimate.

People are attracted to detail. Photograph a large scene of people and an intimate scene of the same people and while the participants might buy both, they will linger longer over the intimate detail. Street photography and concert photography tend to be focused in on a detailed moment in time.

Macro photography and close-up photography take detail to another level.

Spiders suddenly become interesting.


Flies more terrifying.

Frightening Fly

We see suspense, if not humor;


and we see the cycle of life.

Dragon Flies copy

Sometimes when we see something…

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Chasing Rainbows

A beautiful capture!

Striking Photography by Bo

Chasing Rainbows Art Print

Chasing Rainbows  A scenic Colorado country landscape summer view of a green pasture and colorful rainbow with some trees on the horizon perhaps hiding thee pot of gold. North east Boulder County.   It seems to always be raining with some sunshine at the same time.  Prime time for rainbows, so when out chasing storms always chasing rainbows too, a great treat from mother nature.

Colorado fine art nature landscape photography poster prints, decorative canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, corporate artwork, greeting cards and stock images by James Bo Insogna (C)   – All Rights Reserved.

Chasing Rainbows Art Print

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I C.A.N.T……Stop!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

I just cannot stop the creative process. Years ago, I was always a little sad when I finished a painting, sold it and sent it off to it’s new home. It meant that it was over. My baby had grown up and moved away. But with today’s digital technology, I can keep creating long after the initial painting is finished. My work lives on in other forms. How cool is that!

I can scan gigantic files of my work and crop out abstracts like this:


Or I can combine the crops and create mirror image work like this one:


It’s all so magical to me. 🙂 And I will not stop!

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Nodding Peach Poppies

Peach poppies twirl in the garden…

Priya Ghose Photography

Nodding Peach Poppies

Ruffled like a twirling dancer’s skirt, the blooms on this California Poppy nod under the weight of their crinkled petals.

I am an avid gardener, cramming precious color, texture, and scent into a small space. I have two small ponds; the koi pond is built on top of half of the cement patio, because who needs a patio when you can have koi and exotic waterlilies occupying the space, right? Things do tend to get a tad crowded due to the space shortage and my continued plant obsession. Plants mingle, intertwine, and sometimes get “eaten” by other, more hardy or vigorous neighbors. Every once in a while, beautiful and unexpected combinations take place all on their own. That is what happened when this charming peach California poppy, Eschscholzia californica ‘Apricot Chiffon’ reseeded and grew next to the fragrant purple Heliotrope I had started from seed several years earlier. I loved…

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Artists: Are You F.L.E.X.I.B.L.E.?

Wise words for all artists from Sharon Cummings…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

There was an article released yesterday that has a lot of artists in a panic. You can read the article here:

I will summarize it for you to save you some effort.  Fine Art America is warning artists that all other Print On Demand (POD) sites are moving to a percentage business model.  By in large, the new payment to artists will be a mere 5%. That definitely sucks.  Fine Art America claims to be the only POD site that still allows a “set your own price” model.  Some sites like Society 6 do allow us to put in our desired profit for some of their products.  Others are set for us. The same is true for Redbubble.  I agree that it is not ideal, but I find benefit to those two sites nonetheless.

I like Fine Art America and am currently making an amazing income with them. I am…

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