The Farewell To Tufters

Readings From the Northside

The Last Known Photo of Everyone's Favorite Plover:  Tufters! The Last Known Photo of Everyone’s Favorite Plover. He’s not too tall, he’s a little bit small, everybody knows… it’s Tufters!

As the Summer Season comes to an end, when we first notice that it is dark on the Boulevard and it is only 8 PM, most of us become mixed bags of feelings including rich memories of some recently had good times, sullen sadness that another Summer is closing, an excitement for the brilliance of a coming Autumn, and that subtle anxiety we feel when moments of transition highlight just how quickly our lives are passing us by. Nothin’ like the last hurrah of Labor Day to trigger the realization that we are riding a momentous wave of time into an uncertain future.

Lucky for me, I’m free of all such Labor Day melancholy this year, thanks in no small part to our good friend Tufters, LBI’s most famous Piping Plover. If you think…

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