Blue Five Notebook – (August 2014 / 14.15)

Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series

Blue Five Notebook – (August 2014 / 14.15)

Empty Highway
Jo Ann Tomaselli is a photographer whose works have been featured before at Blue Five Notebook. She says of this piece: “I have always been intrigued by highways that stretch through the open landscape — they speak of our amazingly scenic countryside, the beauty of nature and an escape from the ordinary where a route to adventure lies on the horizon. When seeking change, take to the road and be sure to buckle-up for it is here, it is certain, you will venture into your deepest self. ​ My photographic goal is to show the world simplified, clearer, less complicated. My inspiration? Color, shape, design and the most delightful factor of all ~ fun!


Kathleen Kirk

Blue Penumbra

Mark Rothko, Blue Penumbra (1957)

Where is everything? I sometimes ask,
not knowing where I’ve left it.
There may be…

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