Quiet Thursdays – Moon Gazing


There was another full moon last weekend, and I kept seeing everywhere that it was a super moon.  I have no idea, I’m afraid, I know when the full moons are, but not when they are super or not.  I have heard when the next Blood Moon is, but that is about it.  I need to find out how others find out this information.

August Full Moon

I took this photo of the moon out my front door.  It isn’t anything special, just a photo of the moon. I really want to be able to get good photos of the moon before the blood moon so when it happens, I will know what I am doing.  That is important.  I know the moon is the moon, and nearly all the images look the same, but still.

I did this, as I said, out my front door.  I used the D800 with a Sigma…

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