Time to wake up!

My Life as an Artist (2)

It would seem that humankind refuses to learn lessons from the past, and so here we are 100 years since the war which was supposed to end all wars began, still enveloped in conflict in many places around the Globe!

The Peacock symbolises integrity, beauty, resurrection and awakening. 


I could write about my strong anti war feelings, and much more… 

However, as a woman, mother, artist and human being – I am only concerned with bringing a sense of peace and hope, especially for the children of our world. 


As an adult it can all feel overwhelming and out of control, and so what must it feel like for a child? 


My friends from around the world all feel the same way.    Everyone I speak with wants the same things….peace, food on the table, shelter, clothing and a connection with nature –  and so why does it continue? 

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