Life in Progress… A Photo Journey

Joint Issues

Following the video in today’s post, I wanted to post a few photographs, snapshots into this same life… Here is joy, and here is life also.


Great Heights 😊 Visiting Family can take you to Great Heights Color is All Around Color is All Around Even on the ‘tired’ days, find a way to play. 😊 Family = Joy Conquering Great Heights with Man's Best Friend Conquering Great Heights with Man’s Best Friend Silliness is Necessary Silliness is Necessary IMG_0590_edited Nature is My Home IMG_1402_edited Long Drives… the photograph of a perfect moment IMG_1760_edited Meeting Interesting People = potential 😊 Out having some fun with my love... My Love…Out having some fun 😊 IMG_6769_edited Trees… Just My “Thing” IMG_7381_edited Finding Beauty in Unlikely Places

Photography © Stephanie M. McManus, 2014

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