Iceland Poppy In Black And White

Poppy photography…black and white or color? You decide.

Priya Ghose Photography

Poppy Photography Prints

Delicate crinkly petals unfold to reveal the heart of this Iceland Poppy.

I sold a print of this image earlier in the week, and realized that it was the first black and white photograph I’ve ever sold online. A black and white conversion of one of my first photographs I took after purchasing a macro lens, I took it at a local nursery on a rainy March afternoon. Huddled alongside the nursery’s early spring offerings under their shade cloth, I photographed poppy after poppy. I normally gravitate toward color in my work, especially in my floral photography. However, the absence of it in this image really enhances the textural components in the delicate, crinkly poppy petals.

Here is the color version of this photograph. Which one do you like best?

Orange Poppy Photograph

Click on either image to view more details about the photograph and to purchase a print on my website.


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