The People You Meet…Dennis

Sunflower Solace Farm

I would like to tell you that Dennis and I had a sit-down today, but we did not. It rained during the time he was supposed to be doing some carpentry work, but I lugged all of my equipment to the car anyway, figuring he might be hanging out at McD’s or such.  I drove to the different dumpsters he mentioned, where he fishes for food, goods to trade, clothing, etc.  I checked the wood lot where he said he stays. I did see a grey Save-a-Lot buggy overturned by the rough-and-tumble area where he lays his head. I wasn’t too comfy there, and I was in a car.  I drove up and down the side streets, checked the laundromat, all to no avail. It’s possible, since he has short-term memory problems, that he forgot.  Or that he was re-hospitalized for his diabetes or seizures.  Or, that he simply decided…

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