Up for Discussion – Macro: Close and Intimate

Macro photography is one of my passions…a great post with some delightful images!


For this weeks Up for Discussion I have asked Victor Rakmil to do a post on Macro photography.  Victor does a lot of macro and is quite knowledgeable on how to do this, with and without a macro lens.  I have been known to email him for help when I have been stumped.  So I hope you enjoy Victor’s post on Macro: Close and Intimate.

People are attracted to detail. Photograph a large scene of people and an intimate scene of the same people and while the participants might buy both, they will linger longer over the intimate detail. Street photography and concert photography tend to be focused in on a detailed moment in time.

Macro photography and close-up photography take detail to another level.

Spiders suddenly become interesting.


Flies more terrifying.

Frightening Fly

We see suspense, if not humor;


and we see the cycle of life.

Dragon Flies copy

Sometimes when we see something…

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