If You Plant It, They Will Come (Gardening for Butterflies)

The more butterflies, the better!

Mariposa Michelle

If you want to see more butterflies in your yard,  you must do a little research: common butterflies for your area, host plants, and nectar plants. Gardening can take some time and practice, but the investment is totally worth it. Not only will you see more butterfly activity, but the work you put into it is good for your physical and mental health!

STEP ONE: A critical first step, BEFORE you invest in seeds or plants for your garden, research what butterflies are common in your area. You can start by spending some time identifying the butterflies you see in and around your area. I’d also suggest investing in field guides and books specific to your area. Lastly, if you have a good local nursery (hopefully an organic one) they will likely be able to give you good guidance.  Speaking of organic, if you want to attract butterflies and caterpillars…

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