Allowing the brush to dance….

My Life as an Artist (2)

In this rapid watercolour/gouache study of flowers from my friend’s garden in Wiltshire, I have allowed the brush to dance….


I used paper which had been grounded with cadmium orange – note it was part of a larger image which hadn’t worked for me and so I cut it up into four pieces to use for smaller sketches.      A  colour ground should be applied to paper at least 24 hours prior to working.


Using a mix of Opera Rose gouache – plus a little permanent white gouache I rapidly indicate the flower heads….I use Cotman dioxazine violet and Cotman Alizarin crimson to indicate the darker areas of the flower.


Allowing my brush to dance across the surface, using a mix of burnt sienna and prussian bluewatercolour, I begin to indicate the stems and leaves.   I have also added a little Winsor & Newton green gold

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