Denial is not a river in Egypt

Oh Twist!

Image of The Nile River “De Nile”

I’ve found myself saying this phrase a lot throughout my life. I first learned it in recovery circles – Adult Children of Alcoholics as a teenager, initially. Followed by Codependents Anonymous later. And more recently I’ve been saying it in regard to the medical world’s inability to see and diagnose Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome when it’s staring them in the face! I’ve lost track of the number of people who have posted their hopelessness of ever being believed by yet another dismissive and narcissistic doctor who doesn’t recognize it yet. Geneticists and neurologists seem to be the worst offenders. I have a theory on that I’ll share momentarily.

Anyway, I became all too familiar with this notion as my own father absolutely refused to admit he had ANY kind of trouble, despite extremely obvious signs to the contrary. (No wonder I had self-esteem issues growing up! I was right much of the time, but he…

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