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RAINBOW BRIDGE Image Art & Fine Art Photography by Jo Ann Tomaselli


It’s not very often I have the luck to witness a rainbow bridge so imagine my delight at seeing a double rainbow bridge!

It may sound corny, but I couldn’t stop hearing Judy Garland singing ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ as I photographed this amazing atmospheric weather condition. Unfortunately that was followed by the strands of Kermit the frog singing ‘rainbow connection’!

Most everyone knows that rainbows appear when raindrops reflect sunlight and break white sunlight into colors.

According to my science source, as light enters a water droplet, the different wavelength colors bend at slightly separate angles. Some of this light reflects off the back of the droplet and is bent a second time as the droplet emerges from the light beam. Drops at different angles send distinctively different colors to the eye.

What I didn’t know…

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