Lupines in the Old Town

The Quotidian Diary

Fields of lupines have sprouted at the entrance to North Hibbing, a town that no longer exists.

Most of the houses, businesses, schools, and municipalities moved nearly 100 years ago to where Hibbing (my hometown) now sits, making way for the expanding iron ore mines. Some buildings stayed put for a few more decades but were eventually bought and demolished by the mining company as late as the 1950s.

All that remain are street signs, lamp posts, foundations, and sidewalks overgrown with grass, trees, and lupines. It’s a curious and beautiful place to visit. Especially when you’re lucky enough to bump into an original resident of the old town — as I did today — who can reminisce about the lovely neighborhoods that happily haunt memories and a few faded photographs.

If you’d like to learn more, the Minnesota Historical Society recounts the town’s move on its MNopedia site.

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