Cooking up solutions

Oh Twist!

I’m cooking up lots of helpful solutions for all of us afflicted souls, literally as I type this. Meanwhile this is a quick house-keeping (place-holding) post to let my slowly growing reader base know that I’m working hard on sharing the “What to do about it” aspect as soon as I can. The trick is, I’m trying to decide which parts should be fixed static pages, vs which can just be posts that end up going downstream in time that someone many never find later. And there’s so much to share, thanks to all the comorbidities and complications we have! So bear with me while I get that sorted out. I also am trying to decide on how best to present such information, since both a) I’m not a doctor, and b) it’s as individual as fingerprints and what works for one may not work for all – or (m)any. (Seriously). And always consult with…

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