Robins and Crows, This Letter Is For You!

A little letter to the “early birds” in my garden….

Priya Ghose Photography

Robins and Crows, This Letter Is For You

I bought a wacom tablet while recovering from hand and arm injuries that didn’t allow me to hold my camera, and have been playing around a bit with digital art. I created this crow profile in turquoise, and it seemed appropriate to post it along with the following letter, written about the recent goings on in the garden…

Dear Backyard Birds,

Robins: I realize that the early bird gets the worm and all that, but could you be a tad less vocal about your successes and failures at 4:30 AM?

Crows: Mama Crow, I know you are trying to wean your fledglings (and hopefully this year one won’t get stuck in the garden again), but maybe you could feed them a tad quicker between the hours of 5 and 7 AM, as fledgling crow whining is quite hard to ignore.

Thank you all for your consideration. Feel free to continue…

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