GOTHIC– not just a lifestyle

Lianne Schneider - Seasons, Song and Spirit

“The principle of the Gothic architecture is infinity made imaginable.”

Samuel Tayler Coleridge

A Warm InvitationA Warm Invitation

Today, if you mention Goth, people are likely to think of young people dressed all in black, wearing black makeup and heavy jewelry. But most of us are aware that originally the term referred to a Germanic tribe of people, considered barbarians and to a kind of architecture which was initially considered crude and rather ugly. But, in time, Gothic architecture dominated European construction for several centuries during the Middle Ages. The Gothic style church or cathedral was an engineering marvel. The creative addition of “flying buttresses” allowed for the grand cathedrals to be built taller and taller. Characteristic of Gothic style were the vaulted ceilings within and the peaked or pointed arches for doors and windows. Churches especially became more and more elaborate. Ultimately, thanks in good part to the engineering achievements of…

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